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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

UFOs flying around over Texas?

In case you haven't heard, rumor has it there's some UFOs flying around over Texas. While normally extraterrestrial spacecraft are spotted by buck-toothed oddballs from the middle of the nowhere, this sighting comes from a bunch of seemingly normal people -- like business owners, pilots, and even police officers. The government has explained away the incident by suggesting this was an illusion caused by two commercial airplanes and the setting sun -- but that's exactly the kind of lame excuse they came up with Men in Black II, and Will Smith was totally lying to those people. Lying.

But the real question is: what does the mean for our planet? If aliens can fly all the way here in super-sleek, impossible-to-detect intergalactic orbs, surely they have the technology to power their lives without spewing greenhouse gases into the atmosphere -- right?

I know, it seems like I'm talking crazy, but some people really believe that extraterrestrials not only a) exist, b) visit Earth, and c) have superior alternative energy technology, but that the government is using that technology in ultra-top-secret military projects. Conspiracy!

Admittedly this isn't exactly a mainstream theory, but at least one person smart enough to earn a PhD believes that: "There is substantial evidence to suggest that reverse engineered ET technologies have been used in the development of energy sources for 'black projects' such as the anti-gravity propulsion system that is claimed to fuel the B2 bomber."

That person is Dr. Michael E Salla, and you can read more about his conspiracy theories on the website UFO Evidence. If nothing else, it's fairly entertaining.

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