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Sunday, April 8, 2007

One Day

In the sharp and twisted galis of Banaras lived one child 10years of age named Raju and with him his old grandfather Kishan kaka.Every morning kishan went for temple with his grandson Raju.
Raju:Grand pa! why we go temple everyday and why we put off lot of flowers sweets on the God's feet while on whole way you do not give a thing to beggars who are real thirsty and hungry?.
Kishan:I'm giving this all things to god because your future become peacful and you dont have to live like beggars as they become beggars because of their past bad work in their respective life so they are themselves responsible for what they are.
Kishan:Yes,our life be peaceful as we are paying good things in god's feet he will be protecting our life in difficult condition.
Raju:Is it so?So you are bribing god that he should safeguard our life as we are giving him sweets and flowers?
Kishan:Shut up! you are child,you would'nt understand.
One day....
His grandfather was ill so he said to Raju ,please you go today temple alone as I'm ill and put all these sweets and flowers on god's feet.
Raju:As he was going alone he started giving all sweets and other things to beggars and when he reached temple his hand become empty so he have nothing to give at God's feet and he started weeping but he stop a while when he listend voice of someone who was saying you have done great things and I'm happy.
Raju:turned his head and found God was speaking,Raju said but that was for you,grandfather wil be angry,God said"by this one act you had bought birth for heaven for your grandfather".

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