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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Life Is Like A Football

Speaking Tree says:"The football match is about to begin. The stadium is packed. All tickets are sold out. The referee blows the whistle and the game begins.

After a few passes, one of the midfielders advances with the ball in the half of the opposite team. A few defenders try to stop him but he keeps advancing.

He notices one of the forwards of his team and passes the ball to that player. This forward pounces on the ball, and now has only the goalkeeper to beat.

The shrewd player easily beats the keeper and kicks the ball towards the goal post. Er... to everyone's surprise... there is no goal post in sight. Can you imagine a football game with no goal posts?

Would you, as a spectator or player, watch or play such a game? Life is not very different from a game of football. Every individual has to play his part in his own way.

There are many hurdles in between, but everyone has to keep moving to achieve his goals. The goals keep changing from time to time and the game continues.

Each person however has to follow certain rules; the slightest deviation and you are out of the game. Setting up of goals is essential in life.

You should however know what you want in life. And then it is all about focusing your energies. Do not set too low goals or too high ones.

In a world where big often means better, people get carried away and set very big goals. Avoid that. Be realistic. It is good to break down the goals into shorter ones.

Define the paths you plan to take to achieve your goals. These smaller goals should lead to achieving that higher goal which should be your purpose in life.

Your goals are your dreams and where there are dreams there are nightmares also. But you need to overcome those nightmares to achieve your dreams"

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