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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The Naked Fakir

Anshuman Sheikh have weird way of living,whatever he do have bizarre meaning.If he want to say something he would always took some different way or style of saying.
One day he started running in his village without any cloths on his body,he was naked and he started running as fast as he was racing with wind and as children of village seen Sheikh was wearing no cloths like them they too become got very happy and excited and start running behind sheikh as he was playing a game,dog too started barking and ran behind those naked children and sheikh,when flying birds seen so much noise they too came close to naked crowds and started following over their heads,after few minutes older and adult men saw such happenings and they thought something big happened and all men of village started running behind that naked fakir.And fakir was so fast as he want to reach sky but suddenly he stopped after reaching at the top of mountain.And threatened all that if anybody will come near to him he will jump from mountain.
Villagers asked but why? what happened to you and why you were running naked?
Fakir said:I just want to feel how it feel when blowing winds at the top of mountain ran and touch naked body.
Villagers:Are you mad?What do you mean?Why you ran then as something big happened?
Fakir:Its your fault you all fools without knowing the real reason you all ran behind me..Haaaaaaaaaaa! What a breezy wind!

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