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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

West 'sLove With East Sprituality,Is It New?

So many westerners turning or coming fast for becoming monk or for getting peace via meditation.But is it new phenomenon or it happened earlier?
Ruby explore it:
We think of the West’s love affair with the spiritual East as a recent phenomenon. Not so. As early as 1812, the English explorer Thomas Manning crossed the Himalayas and reached the Tibetan capital of Lhasa. There, he was given an audience with the ninth Dalai Lama, who was just seven at that time. He wrote, “I could have wept through the sheer spirituality of this meeting.” He also embraced Buddhism.
Today, the world has shrunk. We live in a global village. This is a secular age, yet we still need something to believe in. We search, each one of us in a different way, through Mantras, Runes, Tai-chi, chanting, Vipasana meditation, Reiki, visiting fire temples, mosques, churches, doing yoga, Tibetan Humming, etc… All in search of WHAT??? Though we live in a secular age, our faith in organised religion is so diminished that in the West, the Anglican church is now suggesting abandoning Sunday as a day of worship – something unheard of till now.
Some people from certain religions blame their priests who are corrupt upto their eyeballs and sell the religion to the highest bidder in return for wealth and material comforts. And yet, the decline of conventional religion does not indicate a lack of desire for belief. Rather, religion has given way to spirituality… a search for something more satisfying, beyond rituals and paying others for prayers which you can do yourself.

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