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Monday, April 2, 2007

Gold Coin

Four friend were searchig some kind of old lost tresure.After few days of hard work they found lot of gold coin.As they become very excited after getting gold coin but gold coin was 97 in no so they cant distribute it equally so they made one plan by which they bet on river as they were passing.River was on the way ,they betted,who will swim under the river longest that person will keep all gold coin.
Ravish:First jump into the river but didn't get out of it after even 30minuts.
Rannjit:Then,Ranjit jump he determied in mind he will came after one hour of swimming undr water but he didn't came even after passing 1&haif hour.
Ronny:Then He thought,he will came after 2 hours but he didn't came after 3 and haif hour later.
Rohit:He waited haif n hour to came any of three friend but when nobody came out he took all gold coin ,smiling as betting was his idea.....

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