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Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Women Boxer

Thailand's first female boxing world champion was released from jail Wednesday as reward for winning the world light-flyweight title.


Samson Sor Siriporn, left, won a title bout at the infamous "Bangkok Hilton" prison.

Siriporn Thaweesuk was released on parole from the women's prison in Pathum Thani province, 20 miles north of Bangkok, three years before the end of her seven-year sentence for selling amphetamines.

Siriporn -- or Samson Sor Siriporn as she is known in the ring -- defeated Japan's Ayaka Miyano for the title in a prison yard bout in April amid cheers from other inmates and prison guards.

The decision by prison authorities to grant her parole for winning the title was not without controversy, but the boxing champion shrugged off the criticism as she left prison.

"Thanks for those who supported a convict like me," Siriporn said at a press conference after her release. "Some may not agree but I don't care. I am happy that there are people willing to support me. I like to thank all the officials as well."

A first-time offender, Siriporn grew up in a poor family in the Thai capital of Bangkok, where her family made a living by selling clothes on the roadside.

After her release, Siriporn will continue to train on the prison grounds and live in a house provided by the prison authorities in a nearby compound. She will be required to report to the director of the women's prison once a month.

The victory was her first since losing the WBC Straw-weight title to Japan's Nanako Kikuchi last year.

Siriporn's first bout to defend her title is set for late July.

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