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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Politician Sex-Ads

Hustler magazine publisher Larry Flynt told the Examiner "that the newspaper ad he took out last week offering a million-dollar bounty for evidence of illicit sexual activity with lawmakers has yielded about 200 tips so far. He said he'll let them continue to trickle in over the next two weeks or so before his team begins to follow up on them."

Said Flynt: "We'll be lucky if we get 2 to 4 percent hard leads that could yield a payout."

"Flynt, bedecked in a monogrammed silk shirt, a diamond bracelet and multiple rings, said he fully expects to snare a big fish or two from the effort. When asked why he decided to go ahead with this now, he reminded us that he also did this for the first time way back in 1976 and likes to do so regularly to expose the hypocrisy of high-ranking officials (he did it again during President Clinton's impeachment in 1998). With an election coming up, Flynt thought the timing was right."
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