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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Try These Foods Before Dieing

So many foods, so little time.

It's a challenge I face every week, deciding where and what to eat.

Recently, British food writer Anna Longmore compiled a list in Arena Magazine of the 50 foods you should try before you die.

Guess that narrows it down.

But Longmore didn't eat any of the items on her list. Not the elk heart, duck embryo or crispy pig's ear.

Deliciousness must be vouched for. Here's my list, shorter but fully endorsed.

These are must-eats: foods that will please your palate, expand your mind and gratify your soul. They are not chancy mouthfuls to gross out your friends. (Although I've eaten my share of those, from insects to fish sperm to snake.) Most are readily found in our restaurants and food shops.

So dig in, the clock is ticking.

Kobe beef sashimi
If you've only had Kobe beef as a burger, then you're missing the point. The point is fat. The richly marbled flesh is more white than red – in Japan, the grading goes from 1 to 12; our top-grade Prime would rate a 5 – and cooking melts the fat away. Try it raw, shaved into paper-thin slices, and surrender to the texture.

Scallop roe
Oyster bars sometimes serve scallops on the half-shell. Pounce. When raw, their briny sweetness is intensified. The fat, orange comma of coral attached – as hermaphrodites, both sexes contain roe – is even better, like caviar but more delicate.
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