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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Puddles On Mars?

Last week, New Scientist Space posted a provocative story titled "Mars rover finds 'puddles' on the planet's surface." The story concerned a presentation made at the 2007 Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Aerospace Conference by Lockheed Martin physicist Ron Levin. The article reads in part:
A new analysis of pictures taken by the exploration rover Opportunity reveals what appear to be small ponds of liquid water on the surface of Mars....
This would be an amazing find, if true! How could the mission's scientists have missed this? And how could liquid water possibly persist in the sub-zero temperature and near-vacuum pressure at Opportunity's landing site? The article goes on to explain the basis for Levin's claim:
Along with fellow Lockheed engineer Daniel Lyddy, Levin used images from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory's website. The resulting stereoscopic reconstructions, made from paired images from the Opportunity rover's twin cameras, show bluish features that look perfectly flat. The surfaces are so smooth that the computer could not find any surface details within those areas to match up between the two images.
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