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Monday, April 9, 2007

Hundered Rupee Notes

Pete have three wives and he always get confused for whom he get most attention as all three were great attention seeker and this small family also have one servant.
Every night exact at 10'o clock in night all three beloved wife of him start quarreling as child quarrel for toys.And Pete disappeared at that moment.
All three women have one habit and that is they try to emulate each other in appearance and cloths and each day they ask their servant for his opinion as all three knows or believe that who will look most beautiful that women with Pete will spent and enjoy whole night.
First Women:How do I look today?
Servant:You are looking more beautiful than Tajmahal.
Second Women:How do I look?
Servant:You are looking more mesmerising than full moon but little less from first one.
Second Women:What! and she started quarreling with first one.
Third Women:How do I look?
Servant:You look more gorgeous than tulip flowers but little less than second one.
At that..
Third Women:too started quarreling with those two .
In that manner every night went...But one day..Servant took U turn and said..
First:How do I look?
Second:How I?
Servant:You too look gorgeous as first one no less and no greater.
Third Women:and what about me?
Servant:You are as beautiful as previous two.
All three women become surprised and asked the reason..
Servant:As every night before going to Sara's house in night your husband and my sir,Mr.Pete.gave me 100 dollar(Rs) to say what I say to you but today he did not gave me that money...
All Three:What!!!! Pete went for another women !!!!Ohhhhh!!!!! they ran to Sara's house again quarrelinggg.

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