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Monday, April 9, 2007

Men's Height & Women's Beauty

As it is commonly seen to anybody who meets to someone new or talk with someone unseen.Especially in marriage proposals.First thing,usually girls ask how long or what is the height of men.And if it happen to be men he will usually ask is she beautiful?.
In general on entire earth its female who are shorter than men and vice verse it is usually men who are ugly or common in looking but women are prettier than men,women's skin are more delicate and soft.So when women and men ,when they ask for someone new of men or women they look for what they do not posses,it is somkind of unconscious fulfillment we as beings look for.I think marriage or copulation is just by product of what we wish when we say she or he I want madly in my life ,he completes me or she completes me we are unconsciously following what nature or god want to do so.Thats why there is so much attraction between different gender because by and large we compliment each other.(In Passing Thoughts).

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