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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Why NewsPapers Are Falling In Content Quality?

Any older man who have seen last century could or must know how from social changing tool to become mass entertainment tool it become(newspapers).Well,society as a whole changing alot, from peoples who get lot of attention were mostly well and flamboyant personality with some sort of strong ideological lineage whether that ideology was good or bad its totally another matter.Today our icons are film star and players ,I'm not saying that they are not worthy of follow but in which manner masses react for them is really excessive.See,the perception and aspersion has changed everybody want to associate with those person who are materialistically more successfull and more charming than any strong mouth ideologue walking on the road.Newspaper is just one part of whole mechanism.Few peoples says in UK,US,India those papers sell more which have juicy tabloid.Strange but true even you can see in blog terms where people go often in large numbers where gossip is in abundance.Why?I think we are changing in many respects and so everything around us but the period of authenticity and search for quality work,life,living will
change and people will reverse when they would get bored of this new pop culture in every sphere of life so of newspaper.As newspaper are only byproduct of man.If peoples ambition ,lifestyle,thinking changes then it will also reflect in newspaper or any other form of art,culture.Newspaper,cinema or any form of art form which expresses human feeling and thoughts will or have to change as time demands.So newspaper should not be criticised for superficiality only.

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