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Friday, March 30, 2007

Love Of Wine

Four friend were talking in night when moon was glowing like new born baby and taking wine as their respective soul mate.They start describing their soul mate in different manner.
Rajiv:I see her eyes and looks and body is so beautiful as pearl in sheep.I wish I could put her with me as long as I live.
Rakesh:I can listen its voice and it sounds as melodious as Mozart's music, reminds me of morning's soothing ,flowing river which is as gentle and overpowering as this my new soulmate is.
Ramnath:Hey ! my soulmate is different and enlightening when I touch her ,its nice and great feeling.
Rohit:Stand up and said I love copulation more than any thing so I 'm taking my soulmate inside me deep into heart and soul.And he drank all wine ...........
Three other friend watched him in amazement ,anger,thirst but their lyrical soulmate has gone..............................Haaaaaaaaa

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