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Sunday, April 1, 2007

Ashly Judd In India

I was seeing her interview on NDTV with Editor-in-Chief,Mr.Pranav Roy.She was recounting her experience with people whom she met ,mostly HIV+.One story she told was really sum how in india we are still ignorant about worst disease which is eating out world(AIDS).One married man who got infected by paid sex and through him ,her wife too got infected and both died soon after and leaves behind 8 year girl and two little children with one granny and now that 8year old girl is bread earner for her entire family.She do sewing whole day and in evening went for classes.When Ashly Judd asks her about what she want to with her life she meekly said she want to give and provide all kind of things to their brother by which they read and reach to college and she also added her happiness also lies in keeping happy to others.This incident raise two question ,One,goverment should make as much as possible ways to protect those family who got infectd and who have none to take care of their childrens.Second,we must create awareness at school level to college it must be necessary to know what problem or dilemma it could have if that kind of infection happened to a family.Think Over It.

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