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Monday, March 19, 2007

Two Talking Birds

Two old friends(birds) met after long time and they start talking about their life and what path they choosen at young age.
Ist Bird:I think which path of safe life I chosen for me is useless or can say is boring.While your life is full of excitement and freedom .You can conquer sky as king conquer his kingdom.Nobody can stop you from exploring sky,you can fly as high as you can..Lots of freedom but no boundation.Lovely..Na!
IInd Bird:Well,I think your life is much better behind the closed bar as their is no worry,no fear,you eat like king,everything at doorsteps,men are servant for you,what more one can wish.Truly five star life..
Ist Bird:Ya, I have everything except freedom,no excitement with safe life..
After talking sometime they decided lets change our respective life and see how it works for each other.
Ist Bird:After getting freedom from closed bar that bird start flying as child got freedom when their parents went away.But,after few hours of excitement , thrill,speed her wings start aching as she forget to practice how to fly and she felt she will fall as her wings were aching and she wished ,she would reach her closed bar as soon as possible.
IInd Bird:She too was enjoying life of no physical works,day night what she has to do is eat and sleep,at first she become mad when she got hot milk in morning and lavish lunch and excellent dinner but after eating she always felt urge to fly and sometimes she feel as someone has cutted her wings and she wished ,she could go away from this safe and protective life...
After few days they met again and tell each other what they felt off and wished and after exchanging smile they exchange their respective earlier position.

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