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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Mere Bhaio Aur Bhano(My Brother&Sisters)

Sonia Gandhi went for public rally on the eve of election campaign.
S.G:Mere bhaio aur bhano.....mere bhaio aur bhano.....mere bhaio aur bhano...mere bhaio aur bhano.....(My brother and sisters)
As she completed her speech and saw the audience she become aghast,surprised and dumbfounded that not a single man were awake instead all were asleep as they listened some kind of song . (Political Play)
Sonia's speech writer:somehow,he awoke and run towards soniaji and asked what kind of speech you have given?I told you read those lines which are underlined in red.
S.G:But I have done so.I read which were underlined in red.
Speech Writer:snatched that paper from her hand and found Uffff! Soniaji,you brought the exercise copy of Hindi writing where you practice how to write Hindi!!!!!!!!!!

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