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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Angelina Jolie Meets Lalu Yadav

Angelina Jolie meets Lalu Yadav.As she love to adapt children so lalu called or invited to come and see The Great Bihar where she can hunt for next adapting child.
After reaching Bihar Joile:
A.J:Laluji you said there is lot of child whom I can adapt but I found since I'm here that there are more buffalo than children why?
Lalu:arrey aap samjhi nahi ka iss sab hamar ladka ke tarah hai (These buffalo are like a children to me). (Political Play)
Lalu : haan(yes).
A.J: but you promised me that I will get alot of nice children to adapt.
Suddenly one buffalo ran towards Jolie as she was in mini skirts and almost nothing on the the top.Joile ran and ran and fall at last in the arms of Lalu.
Lalu:Ahaaaaa!!! yahi toh hamara chaal tha(that was my strategy) Jolieji now I will give you as many child as you want Oh,Aha,come closer more more.......

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