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Friday, March 16, 2007

Five Blind Man

Ist Blind Man:In my opinion,life has shaped due to Fire and will end with fire or due to fire.
IIndBlind Man:But,in my view,life has formed due to Air and will end due to air.
III Blind Man:Laughed! and said but I think the most important factor in developing life is water and you both can see ,whole world's civiliziation has been situated near to sea,river or water.
IVBlind Man:Well,I think all what you three of said is by product,in reality world has come due to earth broken from other planets and earth have its own deeper roots for forming life so all things came from earth.
VBlind Man:Haaa! He said"You all four are right and wrong"I mean,neither have whole answer and all have whole answer.
All four blind man didn't get what Vfth man was talking about and all four ran for that fifth man and killed him.
Then they again resumed there debate....................

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