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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Sperm Saving!

Life is very fast in modern times there is lot of thing on mind on young man apart marriage and children but his or her family always keep pressure on young generation to get married and have a children but we are not surrendering instead we are going one step further when most of delhi young man are saving their sperm in case their mariage delayed they would have no problem in producing children.TOI Reports:
" Call it innovative insurance. More and more young men in Delhi who are busy chasing fast-track careers, but are not yet ready to start a family, are choosing to freeze their sperms — to be used when they are ready. More than 50% of the long-term frozen samples in Delhi's sole commercial sperm banking organisation, Cryogenie, are of healthy young men who are not ready for procreation and do not want to rely on donor sperms either. Says Dr Iqbal Mehdi, head of cryobanking services at Cryogenie, "The long-term banking facility was initially started with malignancy patients in mind. People who undergo chemo or radiotherapy often suffer from low sperm counts so they store semen before the treatment starts. It was much later that we realised that freezing of sperms gave healthy individuals the option of starting a family when they want to, no matter what their age."

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