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Friday, March 9, 2007

Dilemma Of Gorgeous Women

Allure Reported: We were paralyzed by indecision when faced with the March issue of Allure. Which pressing problem deserved our attention first? Should we brace ourselves for the no-doubt serious investigation into the mysterious disappearance of “Hollywood’s underpants,” or should we skip to the sure-to-be-obnoxious Michelle Pfeiffer story?
No contest, really.
We know we come off a bit shrill every time we complain about this, but what is up with the recent spate of beautiful women lamenting how difficult it is to be gorgeous? Sure, it may be rough to be so good-looking that no one takes you seriously, but it’s totally disingenuous to complain about that and then turn around and make your living off your looks. (Small but important distinction: We’re not saying that maybe these women aren’t treated unfairly. We’re saying we don’t want to hear about it while they’re posing for magazines.) Sorry, but we just can’t bring ourselves to get worked up over stuff like the cover line:
“Beautiful Women Tend to Get Used”
As if being used only happens to beautiful women.
In fact, Pfeiffer explains in considerable detail, beauty was, at times, the very element that thwarted both her career and her personal life. “When I was coming up in the business, beautiful actresses weren’t really ‘in,’” Pfeiffer recalls…“So I felt then like a lot of women these days feel in a man’s business world: I felt I had to be better than the competition,” Pfeiffer explains.
So let’s get this straight. She doesn’t want to be evaluated solely on the basis of her looks, but then complains when she can’t use her appearance to land roles? Read More..

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