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Sunday, February 4, 2007

Why Do We Write?

My friend asked me few days back ,why do we write? What drive us to write while sometime its just nothing to say?I think my friend is right when he says sometimes we write because we have to write,we have to put something on our blog and sometimes we complicate things which are very simple in understanding.So much information,so much interviews,too much analysis,create more problem than answer.Imagine major newspaper of daily appear blank as New York Times,Hindustan Times,Times extra,few people will argue it cant be possible because there is always something happening to world for which we have to write but I disagree.I think we create news,how good it be when people demand that we want that reporter report on such issue and avoid gossipy news like how many dogs Paris Hilton have.Bertrand Russell said once "News is not that dog cut man but man cut dog"something unusual happen then we should write and that thing should be relevant to masses.That's one view,but today's newspaper editor says we start tabloid because people love gossipy news,its interesting and most of the people love frivolous things because they themselves are like that they are not serious people .Well,its as simple as this that as people vary so of news and so of our writing.We write because we think that whatever shit is coming in our mind should come out whether its useful,bad or good it does not matter.What drive me ,I think,there are some people who spent their precious time over my written words so I need to be responsible for them...Writing novel and fiction is altogether different thing because that is not written on keeping in mind of something instead we write because I want to express my feelings and thoughts its more useless if we compare it to journalistic writing.Blogger is somewhere between a journalist and awriter.................I hope one day ...Entire Newspaper..Blog..Tv channels went blank ,I mean that day would be problem free day but is it possible?

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