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Saturday, February 3, 2007

Mistaken Miss

In a public rally somewhere in Hindi belt of India where Sonia Gandhi have to deliver speech.
His Secretary---Madam,just talk to point and speak only those things which underlines in red.
Sonia Gandhi---ok.
His secretary---Madam,be aware this is politically shrewd population.
Sonia Gandhi----Bhaio aur Behano(brothers &Sisters),I will eat beef in morning breakfast,in lunch I will eat cow's sweetly meet and in dinner I will eat ......
People---Hey,kill her,kill her,she is disdainful to our belief and religion,kill her....They start running...
Sonia Gandhi---did not understand why these people are getting angry as she checked she was reading same underline red Hindi words written in English words.
His secretary---run towards him and snatched the paper and found Miss .Gandhi by default brought wrong notebook of her cook's .

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