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Sunday, February 4, 2007

Insight Into Iraq

We ,sitting on our sofa in drawing room comment on things which we see on tv channels,but if the medium itself don't show the right picture then our judgement too become went wrong,sometimes what we see and speak is far from reality because very few search things going on places where something happened like war in Iraq.Here is girl blogger's diary which come with some very insightful analysis of Iraq...Her blog came into fullfledge book form.... Excerpts;;
The Myth:Iraqis,prior to occupation,lived in little beige tents set up on the sides of a
little dirt roads all over Baghdad.The men and boys would ride to school on their camels
donkeys and goats.These schools were larger versions of the home units and for every
100 students,there was one turban-wearing teacher who taught the boys the rudimen
tary math(to count the flock) and reading.Girls and women sat at home,in black burkha
making bread and taking care of 10-12 children.
The Truth:Iraqis lived in houses with running water and electricity.Thousands of them
own computer.Millions own VCRs and VCDs.Iraq has sophisticated bridges,recreational
centers,clubs,restaurant,shops,universities,schools etc.Iraqis love fast cars(especially
German cars) and the Tigris is full of little motor boats that are used for everything from
fishing to water skiing.
Life in reality is different from what projected by media and I'm quite agree with this,they twist and turn story according to situations except few exception.

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