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Monday, January 8, 2007

Why Only Women Leaves Her Own Mother's HomeAfter MarriageNot Man?

Whether it is ,America,India,Europe,Middle East or on entire earth,this is common phenomena everywhere,in every home or families, that is,Only Women left her mother's home after marriage and join her husband's home.
Is it because,we men who made all laws and rules of society from the early age of life as history spoke?And that's why we put less pressure for themselves,we can freely wander ,with nobody to question ,but ,if women do so then lot of question will be put on her.Is it men's dictatorship approach to take all power vested in him or at that time when these family structure came across,life were much tougher outside home that's why they confined mostly women for home works and men went for earning daily livelihood.Women's life were less complicated than men and families were more depend upon male members than women so it was very easy to shift women from one home to another but shifting men would have change entire balance of family and its livelihood ,that's seem to me. DIFFERENT TAKE ON LIFE
However,after searching alot,I found ,there had one tribal group in India (Madhya Pradesh) where women were considered head of family and they took all decision of family and after marriage it was men who left and shift home rather than men.I wonder,why that structure of life did not expand to whole world?Is it because that was not practical or because women on most part of the world were still second to men?But,now,when women works alone,live alone,become decision makers in most field of life,not this system could change?

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