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Sunday, January 7, 2007

Super Bowl ads and Ordinary Folk

Advertiser and marketing managers always on roll for new strategy to roll.Recent is,some ordinary folk who cant think above food and shelter are going to great fun when they can participate in what many considered the most entertaing part of America's biggest football extravaganza;its television commercials.Building on the popularity of so-called user generated content-like the homemade videos and blogs that rule the Internet-a handful of marketers decided to allow their customers to create advertisements for SUPER BOWL XLI,which airs on CBS on February4. Chevrolet and Doritos will be among those trying to win over the anticipated 90 millions viewers with ads developed by average consumers.In another twist,one man is hoping to use15secs of marketer's Super Bowl time slot to propose to his girlfriend.The groom to-be-says on his MySuperProposals.Com that a deal seekers like its in in the works.
These commercial will be highlight of Super Bowl XLI in South Florida.

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