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Friday, January 5, 2007

Why Women Takes So Much Time For Coming To Bed?

Every man must have seen or experienced the phenomena called women coyness.Whenever romance takes place in bedrooms its men who takes driver's seats,provoke,excite.nudge,womenfor getting ready for copulation.Women on other hand,do all kind of drama like run away,shows etiquette,make excuse but in the end she gets ready after playing cat mouse game.I wonder,why women takes so much time for coming to bed?
Women coyness is no different from animal female who behave like women itself as I read and observed that "the almost forgotten coyness of the Victorian miss to her swain was a form of sexual behaviour that has been practised by animal long before Man appeared on the Earth".
Some birds such as the female red shank will shy and run away at the approach of a cock of the species.But the hen is invariably runs around in circles as though anxious to be chased by her wooer.Another example of animal coyness on the part of the female is provided by the spotted turtle.At the approach of male she starts to lumber away,but all the while she is gazing over her shoulder at her suitor as though fearful that he might not following her.When a Stag approaches the hind of his choice,she stops and waits for him and then licks him,immediately he attempts to complete his conquest,the hind runs way then again waits for him to approach.The coy behaviour is repeated until she finally accepts his advances.So we may conclude that women are not only beings who shows coyness and one of the reason why women shows coyness due to her genetic history as animal act shown to us......

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