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Sunday, January 7, 2007

After Twenty One Years,This Was The Only Result!

Our every days life is full of excuse,complaints and blames.Those problems occurred to us we promptly put fingers on others.If crime is on rise then government is liable,if sex exploitation is on the rise then others are liable ,we never realized our duty of common citizen and in reality we are, who only criticise ,is more responsible for decays of society.Here is one funny story I hear ed about,A man who entered a Trappist monastery,and the abbot said to him,"This is our rule in the monastery:you can speak only once in seven years".He accepted it,and he was shown the cell where he was to live.he thought",My God! the glass of window is broken,and the cell is a very small cell,just enough to lie down in."Rains came,and the water would come inside.He was suffering from cold,and all his cloths were wet,but he could not speak.So for seven years he suffered the rain.the rain destroyed the mattress,and his health also.But after seven years he ran to the abbot,and he said,"You have given me a cell which has no glass in the window.I have suffered too much from the rain."The abbot said,"Enough! Glass will be put in.Just go back,and for seven years,no more speaking."New glass was put in,but when he went back to the cell,he remembered that the mattress was completely rotten.But now,seven years...So he waited for seven years with that rotten mattress,with all kinds of cockroaches and rats.After seven years he went running to the abbot,saying,"You put in the glass,but I forget to tell you that the mattress was rotten,cockroaches and rats all kinds of animals are moving inside the cell.Please move that rotten mattress,and remove all the cockroaches and rats."The abbot said,"It shall be done- but no more coming here for seven years!."So the mattress was removed,the cockroaches and the rats were removed,but the people who brought the new was too big,so they forced it and broke the glass!.Now it was too much.he could not believe that he would survive another seven years,but he survived.After seven years,as he approached the abbot,the abbot said,Don't speak a single word.Since you have come into this monastery-complaints,complaints and complaints! I never hear anything else.Just get out of here.".......Think about it what he get after 21 years spending in monastery.?

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