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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Why Only Man Crazy About Woman?

Its common to see on roads,pubs,college,in train,bus to every concieveable places we found men follows women crazily.Is she really delibrately trying to make us crazy?Or,just their minds function in totally different way.Their polarities function like magnetic field.The more different woman is,the more she will attract us.Suppose she behave like us,the way we think,the attraction will be lost.There will be no tension;the relationship will collapse.
As some seer said that the relationship is like an arch .When we make an arch we put bricks against each other;their very opposition creates the strength,and the arch can support the whole building.But the strength depends upon opposition.A living relationship between a man and woman is bound to be little bit crazy.The man cannot drive the woman crazy because his argument,because his way of thinking is logical.The woman way of thinking is intuitive or more illogical but that's her way;that's how she function.
Craziness is part of the logical mind.craziness simply means our logic is no more functioning and we at loss what to do.We love woman,we would not like to lose her.We try in every way to understand her.But whatsoever we do,we are helpless-we can do only logically.And logically she is not comprehensible;that way she is very mysterious.We can devote our whole life to studying a single woman and we will not be able to figure out what is what.

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