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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Uhhhhhhhhnnnn!Snoozing at office? Its ok.

Everymorning,Sun arises as red as crying baby's face,birds sings as new found love,flower bloom in the misty morning , kissing on the check of fog and our day starts at 6:am with cup of coffee and newspaper in one hand.At 8:30 ,we starts our office work and mind and body which were sharp at 9:am , now get SNOOZING !when work stretch longer,we get headche,back pain all that.
There is one solution for all this as found by researchers that is,sleeping on the job improves your work.It sharpens mental powers and raises productivity,according to Dr .Matthew Tucker,city university Newyork.However,"There is resistance to staff nodding off in the office.Time devoted to daytime napping has been considered to be counterproductive in environments requiring mental acuity and substantial memory capacity".
But he proved that idea wrong in his experiments.After memorizing pairs of words,volunteers were divided into two groups,one allowed to sleep for the better part of an hour,and the other who read or watched films.In a test aftewards,those who had slept remembered more than the others.
Does even a short sleep renew us in some way?And,if so,can we make use of it in the office?

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