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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Success,Ego And Me

Sometimes people ask me what success means to you?Is it making lot of money,gaining recognition,beating others by hook or crook?I would say all of these things I do when I aim for success but the above all that, inner satisfaction and getting enjoyment from my work is more important than anything else.However,for the world,ego gratification is success,for me it is not.
Buddha was a failure .In the eyes of his friends,family,wife,father,teachers,society,he was a failure.He had become just a beggar.What type of success is this?He could have been a great emperor.He had the qualities,he had the personality,he had the mind.He could have been a great emperor but he become beggar. He become world guru.Why we think in one dimension?Why?Alexander the Great who conquered world is more successful or any other Sufi saint of that time?Different people will give different kind of answer for this question.What I think is that,if our success cross all boundaries of ethichs,emotions,selfcosciousness ,human relationship and justifying all wrong doings for gratification of ego then that is worst form of success and I hate it.Success is intuitive thing and it should be blissful,enthrlling our beings. I feel extremely happy and successful when words shape in the ideas and ideas become reality and it get readers no more expectations.

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