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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Secret of Living Life Longer

At 90 years of age my grandfather died,my grandmother died at 85.Both had spotless memories,could recall 70years ,60 years back incident as it happened yesterday.Well,believer as they were,had very positive look towards life,same things now finds by researchers that,people who live longer due to, their Optimists approach towards life.Researchers found that of nearly7,000 adults followed since their college days in the 1960s,those who were optimistic in their youth had a lower risk of dying over the next40 years than their more pessimistic peers..
On average,the most pessimistic study participants were 42 percent more likely to die of any cause than the most postive participants,according to findings published in Mayo Clinic Journal..The current findings could be explain by number of factors.Foe example,they say optimists are less likely to suffer from depression than are pessimists,which could,in turn,affect their physical health.
They may also maintain a healtheir lifestyle,paying more attention to their diet and excerise habits.These latest findings are based on a 40 years follow-up of 6,958 men and women who entered the university of North Carolina,Chapel Hill in the mid !960s.At the time,they took a standard personality test that gauges a person's tehdency to be optimistic or pessimistic.In this study,1,630,were(P)and923(O).And others in between.

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