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Thursday, May 10, 2007

One Life One Girl ,Is It Right Or Wrong

Why we need to marry while we could live life without it,"asked Ravi".
Rakesh said"listen ,we could live one life but if every man start thinking like you then how this earth will progress without reproduction?"
Ravi said " you misunderstood me,I'm not against relation with girls rather only for marriage,why whole life with one girl?"
Thats unnatural,see how animal are free to do and make as may relations as they can ,nobody say them Moran,but if we do same things then people call us lunatic or morally wrong.
Rakesh,"Uhh".Well,I think its because men could more dangerous than animal if they left free without any society laws or religions back up.They would be directionless and could cause more harm to society than help it.(In Passing Thoughts).

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