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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Farmers's Fruits

Two farmers Ramu and Dinu who lived on the bank of river.Both do farming for their bread and butter as both have land.But Ramu always get more fruits from his land than Dinu.
Dinu:I don't know Ramu how did you get more fruits than me every year while I work as long as you do.I think of it every day of the year and work hard in that hope that this year I will get more fruits than you.I prayer to god everymorning that this year he give me more fruits than you Ramu.
Dinu:What oh! What you do tell me this time otherwise I will kill you.
Ramu:I work as hard as you do and I also pray to god everymorning as you do but I don't ask or demand anything from god every day of year.Instead I just pray "God just keep my happiness alive others things will follow,keep my intention right and give what I'm capable off".Hope you understand Dinu!

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