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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Dance Like Richard Gere And Shilpa

Well,this has been custom since few years that few Hollywood actors coming India for creating awareness among AIDS affected peoples.Recently Ashley Judd has come.Nothing wrong in it as Bill Gates has also donated large sum for creating awareness among peoples about AIDS/HIV and also said his organisation will invest in developing some kind of drugs which could help in fighting this ghastly disease.Well,everything is right till that intention.But,why and how these actors and industrialist are become social activist suddenly overnight because off ?I don't know?But it have deeper meaning than what it seems.Second thing whatever they have motives especially businessman like Gates what they are giving india its helping alot.
Now coming over real issue.Richard Gere took dance and kissing the shilpa the new way of creating awareness among infected people.UHHHHHHH!What prompted him?I don't know.But I think it was his impulsive act which blown out of propration by the media.
Media which is ever hungry for spicy and sensational news has got some by Richard as he was not aware that this is india where we don't allow or can say few organisation think only they are fathers and children of india and millions of others who exist should live and follow them what they say and what they define indian culture.Its ridiculous.Isn't.We say, we are tolerant society.But who will listen or hear us if we do such a narrow minded and illiterate kind of behaviour.
Another incident which happen to be attack on media office because they backed couples who married outcast ,one was Muslim and another was hindu.The Hindu organisation which attacked Star News Office saying this kind of intercast or inter religion marriage cant be happen in india.Who they are to question?How they think they know while our religion books says "Sarva Dharm Sambhav" and "Basudhev Kutumbakam".It means,believe in all religion and see whole world as our family.

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