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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Are You Selfish?No,I'm Not

Everyday,every corner of the world is filled with such a debate and conversation that you know! she is very selfish or he is very selfish.Sometimes I think and found myself too selfish.But the moot question is,could anybody separate itself from being selfish?People say ,yes,see Gautama Buddha,Osho,Gandhi or most generous and kind man or women like Mother Teresa or Nelson Mandela.They have worked for causes and masses did not care much for themselves.But,I think its partially true.Because this is my belief that nobody could separate itself from being selfish.People will found it absurd but thats the way I think.Let us explore the meaning of selfishness.Some people associate it with saying for thinking for yourself first,first for your child for your family etc.Few says,first we should feed ourselves than think about others.Few says snacthing other foods from others is also ok as far as you too are hungry then whats wrong if you snatched something.Well,I don't buy such argument.I think if you are hungry and in front of you someone is also hungry then you can eat first yourself its selfishness but not totally as you too are deprived at that time.But if you are full stomach and still you are not giving that food to needy then I would say you are selfish and greedy.So my point is being selfish is not bad but depriving someone of things which you posses and you have no need of it but still you are not releasing it then I would call it selfish with quote of greed.
But if we look deeply and observe action of great people we will find they too were infected with some sort of selfishness.Few people were selfish for fame ,few for promoting his speech or philosphy and few for his kindness.But nobody could totally seperate itself from being selfish.Even Gandhi,Nelson,Buddha,Teresa...

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