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Monday, March 12, 2007

Where Did Rama Born?

Mythical figure always create controversies in most of country.In India Rama is considered as God and born in North India but recently and time and again people from south India tried to prove his roots in south India as Dravidian culture is more old and deeper roots than north India which are considered Aryan race and came from central asia.In recent lecture few scholar discussed:
"The Making of a Hegemonic Tradition: The Cult of Rama Dasarathi' delivered at the ongoing 67th Session of the Indian History Congress, Professor Jaiswal said that it was possible to trace the gradual emergence of a full-fledged Rama cult in the Dravida country. The Vaishnavite saints of the south, Alwars sang in praise of the local cult-spots as sanctified by the presence of their favourite deities. This gave scope for the identification of various places as scenes of events associated with the characters of Ramayana and celebration of the existing temples as that of Rama.
Clear evidence of the setting up of shrines for the Rama incarnation of Vishnu was available from the 10th century onwards in the Chola and Pandya kingdoms, which had been the locale of Alwar activities, she said.
Sacred Ayodhya
Interestingly, the Rama temples were called `sacred Ayodhya,' lending credence to the view that the concept of Ayodhya of Rama was originally mythical, having little to do with modern Ayodhya . ``It reminds one of the famous saying Tulasidas, Avadhu tahaan jahaan Raama nivaasu, meaning ``wherever Rama resides, that is Ayodhya.'' More..

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