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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

That's Why

In one kingdom lived a defiant sage.He never listen to anyone.He always follow his rule and law and even didn't accept king's order.Once that kingdom have to go for war but as entire army were preparing to go for war he came and lay down on the way.
First Army Man:Oh! dirty old man just get up from our way as we are going for war.
Sage:Thats why.
Then Head Of Army(Commander):Stand up as we are going for war.
Sage:Thats why.
Then MantriOr Minister:He came and orderd armyman plz carfully pick up this sage and push just side by that we can go.
Sage:Thats why.
At Last King:Oh God's dearest creature! I'm bowing my head in respect of you as you who knows all and you who will wish us for victory in war.
Sage:smiled make way for them and again said thats why.

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