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Thursday, March 8, 2007

Man Of Mystery

Ali Reza Asgari, international man of mystery. With a head full of Iranian secrets, did he willingly defect or was he nabbed. If snatched against his will, who did the deed? Was it the Israeli Mossad, was it Iranian groups who want regime change, was it some agent of the United States. Is he in the United States, or in Germany, and is he spilling what he knows? Oh, I do love a good mystery.
It seems likely that he voluntarily sought out the United States, since his family is also missing. Let's hope they are all safe and in Western protection. I'll bet Mahmoud Ahmadinejad needs a fresh pair of BVD's. Ali Reza Asgari knows, he knows where the bodies are buried, he knows the corruption in Iran, he knows!!!Read Full Text..

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