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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Uhhh!!! Ahaaaaaaaaaa!! (Shooting By The Prisoner)

Three prisoners were talking in the jail on the eve of Justice Day.Jailer came out from his chamber and ordered"We are organizing an function here,debate over "Explaining the Justice"and others programme will be followed".
Jailer: lets begin function.
Prisoner 1: I think, Justice means,giving equal opportunity to every human beings on the whole earth.
Prisoner2:For me,Justice means,fighting till last breath for what I felt right and to be implemented on society.
Prisoner3:I think,Justice,just,righteous ,if ,I mix all these three then I found Justice means Surviving at any cost.
Jailer: I did not get,what you are trying to say.
P3:Suppose,somebody is hungry then what will be justice for that person,feeding his stomach first or feeding someone else?I think ,we have to be first do justice with our own beings,that's what our history too says.
Jailer: Not agreed..Explain more..
P3: Stand up from his place,went near to Jailer,snatched his gun and shoot all prisoners and Jailer too and walked away laughing from prison...........

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