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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Why Do Birds Sings?

I love to bird watching in my spare time .Nature and its mystery always attract me and I went for exploring the thing which amuse me and excite me.Whenever I see birds singing ,I thought,why do they sings?Its their way of enjoying life or they do it for certain reason.Well,after observing and researching I found very interesting things...
All of the world's 8,700 different birds species call,but only 5,000 sing.A bird's call repeat short sounds,like the" caw" of a crow while a song has an organized pattern of sounds.The Males do almost all the singing and a Male's tune tells a lot about him;It reveal his maturity,his sex,and his species.In addition to singing a song unique to his 'dialect'.Some males even add a personal touches all their own.White crown sparrows and many other birds sings only a single ,simple tune;others sing more complex tune.The Brown thrashes could perform all day and never repeat himself,he may know as many as 2000 melodies.No matter how many songs he has a Male's singing serve two purpose,to attract females and to warn off males.A Male's barrage of notes and trills during the mating season usually prevent other male's from attempting to invade his territory.Their singing period also vary from place to place and season.All birds do not sing all the time..

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