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Thursday, February 15, 2007

New Sex Partner 'Robot'

Imagine ,in this fast growing technological world everything taken by Robot itself.Robot take care of anything and everything but what will be happen if men start having sex with Robot.Here one Real Doll is in making which look almost like women and even out of every 10 people said they would love to experiment with Robot as a part time sleeping partner.As we human beings are only beings who get bored with life and that's why always love to invent new things for our amusement and entertainment but if Real Doll really replace real women then it would be interesting to see what we will look forward ...Next in the line..Women too would demand Robot man who is like Real doll ,possesses all quality ,women too feel techno savvy sex...However scientist who are making Real Doll says they have male robot too ...So no worry..Here

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