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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Smoking and its Ashes(2)

Have u thought when exactly u started smoking,I asked.I think it would be from teen ages,right?Yes,Vineet said.From Freud point of view,Your mother's breast was taken away from you earlier than you wanted and it is just substitute what you are doing now.Not because of anxieties and other reason u have given,it have psychological roots.Even Freud has gone so far and said that if we want to stop smoking,then start sucking our thumb,or night before you go to bed,have a bottle with a rubber nipple fixed to it,fill the bottle with warm milk and suck it-become a child again.Thats what the smoking is doing.The warm smoke going in and out symbolizes the milk of the mother.
One of the great things in life is that if you understand the root cause of something you can overcome it without any trouble,without any willpower,you would not justifiy your wrong doings.

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