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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Smoking over coffee

Vineet and me had long conversation over coffee whether its harmful or enjoyable?Vineet said"see,why do we smoke"? because it helps me in some way.It relax me,taking my mind away from my constant occuptions,my worries,my anxieties.People smoke only when they are very tense.If you dont smoke,your tension goes on accumulating,which is far more dangerous than smoking.Smoking is just stupid,not dangerous-maybe you will live one or two years less-so what? What are you going to do even if you live two or three years more?If you have not done anything in seventy years,what are you hoping to do in those extra two years?
But people try to contol it.If they succeed they become egoistic,which is far more dangerous.If they fail they feel guilty,they feel depressed,which is far more dangerous.If they fail they become condemnatory towards themselves,they lose respect for themselves.And the moment you lose respect for yourself remember,you are losing your trust in your life,Vineet concluded.
So, "you are justifying your habit with tooth and nail",I said.( be continued)

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