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Thursday, December 14, 2006

My Grandfather and Shooting the Pigeon(Series-1)

A certain species of bird,may require some extra considerations because of its habit,its flying characteristics and the circumstances of its shooting,said my grandfather" who used to take me away when he went for morning walk and evening walk.He knew almost everything about life and its mysteries.
"The shooter who sees his bird high and far away should note its probable course and then look down for second or two;when he looks up again the bird will be in range,somewhere just overhead,and he can swing up quickly and shoot it,"he stated.Proceeding his conversation about Shooting flying birds(especially Pigeon).There is another technique for shooting these high overhead birds ,twist the upper body sideways so that the shoulders,instead of being at right angles to the bird's line of flight,are parallel to it.The shot then becomes,in effect, a horizontal crosser and no longer a vertical one.
Pigeon are sometimes spoken of as being difficult to kill because they are tough and can resist shot.This is not so,but the idea arises because a pigeon's feathers are loose and one pellet passing harmlessly across its body will knock out a big bunch of feathers,which gives the inexperienced shooter a false impression that the bird has been squarely hit and still is flying on,thus demonstrating its resistance to shot.They are often difficult to shoot because because of their aerobatic skill,but if u hit them properly they will come down,even at 40 yards.(becontinued).

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