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Friday, December 8, 2006

Jersy which behave like Football Refree

Whatever experiments done by us easing our lifestyle.As this new experiment where jersy lights up with players goal or fouls.It is more helpful in fast games such as Basketball,an australian researcher has developed a sports jersy that lights up to show individual player goals or fouls and how much time they are left with to play.
This jersy has been named as "Team Awear" the jersy is the designed by Mitchell page of the university of sydney as news sources said.
The Basketball jersy is made of electroluminescent panels that light up when electricity flows through them.These are connected by conductive thread woven into the jersy.A microcontroller communicated via a wireless connection to a computer at the bench where someone can input the detalied information as required.There are four strips over the jersy's shoulder that light up as the number of fouls increases and three bars on the side of the jersy each representing 10 goals.Two bars on the front of the jersy warn the players when they are nearly out of time.And panels on the back,mainly for the benifit of the onlookers,light up to show the winning.So be prepared for coming years where this will be most attractive feature of Football games and other fast games.

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