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Saturday, December 9, 2006

Loss follows the pursuit of gain

When I was wandering in the park near my home I saw a strange bird which came from the south.Its wings were seven feet across.Its eyes were an inch in circumference.And it flew close past my head to alight in chestnut grove.
"What manner of bird is this?" cried I.With strong wings it does not fly away.With large eyes it does not see."So I picked up my skirts and strode towards it with his crossbow,anxious to get a shot.Just then I saw a cicada enjoying itself in the shade, forgetful of all else.And I saw a mantis spring and seize it,forgetting in the act its own body,which the strange bird immediately pounced upon and made it prey.and this it was which had caused the bird to forget its own nature.
Alas! cried I with a sigh,"how creatures injure one another.Loss follows the pursuit of gain."

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