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Monday, October 15, 2007

Who Is Your True Friend?

Many people will walk in and out of your life, but only true friends will leave footprints in your heart.” –Eleanor Roosevelt
Buddhists believe that to have good friends is good preparing resources for life and such friends can lead you to amny other good things.

According to the book ” A Constitution for Living” - Buddhist principles for a fruitful and harmonious life by P.A. Payutto, there are four kinds of TRUE friends.

1. The helping friend has four features:

When his friend is off guard, he guards him.
when his friend is off guard, he guards his property.
In time of danger, he can be a refuge.
When some business needs to be done, he puts up more money than requested.
2. The friend thorugh thick and thin has four features:

He confides in his friend.
He keeps his friend’s secrets.
He does not desert his friend in times of danger.
He will give even his life for his friend’s sake.
3. The good counselor has four features:

He restrains his friend from doing evil or harm.
He encourages him in goodness.
He makes known to his friend what he has not heard before.
He points out the way to happiness, to heaven.
4. The loving friend has four features:

When his friend is unhappy, he commiserates.
When his friend is happy, he is happy for him.
When others criticise his friend, he comes to his defence.
When others praise his friend, he joins in their praise.
To have true friend is one of the best luck. How many true friend do you have? And are you true friend of your friends??

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