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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Kiwi women most promiscuous in the world

New Zealand women have an average of 20.4 sexual partners, according to a survey by condom-maker Durex.

The global average was 7.3.

Austrian men were sharing the love most (29.3 sexual partners), while Kiwi blokes were 11th down the men's list with an average of 16.8 – higher than the global average of 13.2.

The Durex Sexual Wellbeing Global survey was compiled by the condom maker after questioning 26,000 people in 26 countries, including New Zealand.

New Zealand was also unusual for being the only country where women have more sexual partners than their men.

However, no matter the number of notches on the bedpost, there is a safe-sex message behind the results.

Family Planning Association chief executive Jackie Edmond said release of the survey was an opportunity to remind people to take care with both physical and mental health as part of a healthy sex life.

"Consistent and competent use of condoms is key to lowering transmission of and infection with STIs (sexually transmitted infections)," she said.

"Young people need strategies to decide if and when to be sexually active.

"They need to negotiate condom use with their partners and make good decisions about their sexual health including regular sexual health checks at facilities such as Family Planning Association clinics."

Other aspects of the survey have been released throughout the year putting New Zealand teenagers among the youngest in the world to lose their virginity.

Austrians were the youngest to lose their virginity at 17.3 years, followed by Brazilians (17.4), Germans (17.6) and New Zealanders (17.8).

It also showed our countrymen and women were getting plenty of sex, but not really enjoying it.

New Zealanders have sex an average 122 times a year. This outperforms Australians, who have sex 106 times a year.

But less than half (43 per cent) of New Zealanders are fully satisfied with their sex lives.

That was way behind Nigeria, the most sexually satisfied nation, where 67 per cent were content.

Japan was the least satisfied nation, with just 15 per cent being fully satisfied with their sex lives.

Durex spokeswoman Kristie Penwarden said the results would be used by the condom makers to identify inhibitions and pressures in the bedroom.

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