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Friday, August 10, 2007

Can One Second Change the World?

Will Oprah donate $1?
The 1 Second Film is a grassroots non-profit collaborative film being micro-financed by thousands of small donations; anyone can produce our film simply by donating $1. From Kiefer Sutherland to Kevin Bacon, over 7,500 people from 47 countries have chipped in to help our cause... will Oprah? That is the question we are willing to drive 10,000 miles to find out.

Can One Second Change the World?
On September 19th of 2007, The 1 Second Film documentary crew will embark on a 45 day 10,000 mile journey across America in pursuit of a dream. Our dream: to unite the world through collaborative art-making while addressing various social-issues (read our 5 Phase Plan). Our road-trip ends in Chicago, where we hope to meet Oprah and ask her to join our producers by donating $1. Along the way we will be visiting Universities and house parties to present our 5 Phase Plan to bring the world together, one-second at a time.
at a time.

Our Collaborative Documentary
We will be filming our Road Trip as part of The 1 Second Film's "making of" documentary that will play during our film's estimated 90-minutes of credits. If you would like to join our crew and help make film history, simply donate $1 or more and become our producer! There are many other ways to collaborate after joining our crew - you can even contribute content to our documentary!

Any and all profits raised by our finished film will be donated to charity. Find out more about our non-profit by visiting
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